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Women, men and children hair salon

Luxury haircuts and hairstyles from the professionals. Take advantage of permanent discounts, every Monday -20 % for all services.

wedding hairstyles and hairstyles for high class events

Exceptional life events also require absolutely perfect hairstyle. Weddings and other social events are with no doubts part of those events. With regard to their relevance and importance they should be comprehensively planned, developed and fine-tuned to perfection.

How to choose the right hairstyle and tricks & tips on wedding day can be found here. More information about hairstyles for high-class events can be found here.

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treatment of bio ionic agave

Say Hi! to dry, unruly and lifeless hair.

Do you want to heal, nourish and regenerate your hair to make it shiny and smooth? We will take care of your hair thanks to the Bio Ionic Agave treatment which will fix and strengthen and restore health in your hair. All in Hair Fashion Point Prague 5. 

Deeply regenerating and smoothing hair treatments from mysterious agave eliminates up to 12 weeks up to 100% crepe and volume of hair. Treatment will also decrease fizzing up to 80%. All this without formaldehyde, thioglyc ammonia, sodium hydroxide or other irritating chemicals.

Bio Ionic Professional Hair Care System utilizes anions, ie. air-vitamins that arise when natural phenomena such as lightning, waves, waterfalls, when exposed to cosmic rays and minerals through the earth's crust. Using exclusive patented technology Natural Ion Complex ™, these ions are naturally produced and implemented to the hair. Natural energy of ionts excites the water molecules into microscopic particles, allowing to cosmetics and moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. This way it restores the moisture balance of hair and consolidate its cuticle. Strengthened and nourished hair are now healthy, shiny and silky smooth. In Japan, the ion healing has been used for hundreds of years to treat physical and mental illnesses.

In addition to professional treatment at the salon with us you can also buy hair care Agave and patented nano-ionic conditioning Bio Ionic hair dryer. More Products Bio Ionic Agave ...


Schwarzkopf Professional

Imagine ... hairtherapy in the salon ... care, health and harmony of your hair.

Discover unique approach of Schwarzkopf BC series, Essensity and Osis. We offer your a professional hair care that combines the purest plant extracts with modern technology to create products with high efficiency for healthy hair and scalp.

A complete range of customized services that address every issue of hair is only available in the salon with your hairdresser. Our products are highly efficient, delivering an experience for all the senses and restores hair to its natural beauty and health. Your stylist can diagnose hair and scalp skin. Then you will be recommended one of the possible series from Schwarzkopf products in the salon.  You will also get products for home care which will be tailored to your needs.

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