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Wedding hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles are often considered as one of the highlights of hairdressing art. In order bride could enjoy her day to the fullest, you need to rethink every details, there should be nothing left unprepared. Our team of professionals is ready to design and create original wedding hairstyle in accordance with the wishes of the bride, so that together with the wedding dress, bouquet and makeup formed a harmonious bride. The aim is perfectly fitting hairstyle for your face shape, length, density and color of your hair, leaving a perfect impression of this extraordinary day in real life and in photographs. We together with you will prepare your hair for this unique life event in advance. D-Day, then the hands of our stylists become unique ornament to underline your absolute perfection.

Tips and tricks on wedding day

Every woman wants to be a princess at least once in their life. Wedding day, or ball is the best opportunity to show their charm and beauty and be a princess for a while.

It is important to prepare everything the day ahead and the all important duties split between two witnesses.

On your wedding day you have to dedicate the time to just herself. Makeup, hairstyle, dress, tights, flower and the occasional drink with a friend, it's the only thing that should be important to you.

We recommend starting with makeup, hairstyle and the rest is up to you. We will make the point, why you should take advantage of our wedding hairstyle hairdresser. 

It is essential to get a little tan before the wedding. Do not overdo it, otherwise your husband to be would look pale next to you. Or take it on the sun crust with him.

The make-up artist should have your own gloss or lipstick. You will need it during the day, so let them have the same shade all day. If you go to the hairdresser for a wedding or party hairstyles, wash your head the day before brushing in the morning, this way the hairstyle will hold longer. Your hair should be painted and cut at least 5 days before the event/wedding, so tha colored skin could wash off and hair color was bright and rich.The wedding hairstyle should be consulted with hairdresser so that he/she can better prepare hairstyle, accessories  and arrange the details. Do not have your wedding hairstyle done before the wedding, it will be fantastic to you on the day of the test, but on the wedding day you will feel normal about it, because you have already seen once.

Today's world offers many opportunities, so we want the hairstyle to be something different, interesting and beautiful. Whether you choose any wedding hairstyle, romantic, extravagant, classic ... listen to your hair stylist first, what would you recommend the style of the dress and accessories that would fit you. If you can, take with you to the hairdresser photo clothes and accessories you have. 

When the makeup and hair done, I just need to slip into the dress, check your ID, rings and then just remember to say "I DO".

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