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Going to the dance, opera or on important social event and you do not know what hairstyle to choose?

hairstyles are a discipline in which we clearly excel

Find and create an original look for all hair types and lengths. Hairstyles can be simple or complex, but always have one thing in common: they must be perfect. To make this true, there need to be the idea and art. We have confidently both, and therefore you can confidently trust us. Whether you need wedding hairstyles, hair style to dance, graduation, opera, at the party, or for any other important occasion, we will gladly make a hairstyle tailored to you.

hairstyles for long or short hair

We can create a beautiful hairstyle for women with long and short hair. We come up with ideas for hairstyles that will fit the bill. But if you have your own inspiration, do not hesitate to entrust it to us. When we are creating hairstyles we also take into account your face shape, hair density and color. The hairstyle should also fit perfectly to make-up. You can come already made up. We promote individual approach and we can make hairstyle well in advance and also the last minute ones. 


We know what hairstyles will suit you

You will be irresistible with the beautiful hairstyles from our hairdressing salon Hair Fashion Point. We also select the appropriate decorations, which fit perfectly to your outfit and the occasion on which you are going. Proms and weddings deserve richer and elegant hairstyles. At various celebrations, parties and places where there is a relaxed atmosphere, you can choose a less formal hairstyles. For creating hairstyles we only use high quality hair care products that you can also purchase in the salon. 

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